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A complete sports genetics analysis that will help you maximize your potential and reduce sport injuries.


The genetic factor detrmines 40-90% of abilities such as maximal oxygen uptake, anaerobic energy metabolism, running economy, muscle fiber type and more.

Your own genetic makeup may predispose you to common sport injuries like meniscus and Achilles’ injuries, arthritis and more.


Get Gene in-form and optimize your training to maximize potential and reduce sport injuries.

Gene-in-form Fitness Analysis

    • Nutrigenetic Analysis. Discover your inheritted tendencies for food sensitivities and vitamin deficiencies.
    • DNA diet. Personalize your weigh-loss diet with Evidence-Based genetic analysis and fitting professional advice.
    • Skin-Care Genetics. Genetic analysis of genes involved in moisture, elasticity, pigmentation, skin aging and more. Learn which cosmetic products and lifestyle changes suit you.
  • Want to know more?
    Check out test details, scientific evidence and sample reports here.

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