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Discover food sensitivities and your vitamin and mineral deficiency risks with a complete nutrigenetic analysis.

While some metabolize caffeine well, other coffee drinkers add to their risk of hypertension and diabetes. Some benefit by moderate alcohol consumption, while others are salt sensitive or lactose intolerant.

Your unique metabolic response to various food items is often affected, and even determined, by your genetics.

Get GenInformed.

Eat what's right for you with Evidence-Based genetic analysis and fitting professional advice.

Personalized Nutrition

$55.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
    • Gene in-form Fitness. Sports Genetics Analysis that will help you maximize your potential and reduce sport injuries.
    • DNA diet. Understand your metabolism and lose more weight with a personalized diet plan.
    • Skin-Care Genetics. Genetic analysis of genes involved in moisture, elasticity, pigmentation, skin aging and more. Learn which cosmetic products and lifestyle changes suit you.
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