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Terms and Conditions

 As simple, short, and fair as it can get...

The service

The service that GeneInformed provides is a genetic analysis for customers who purchased our product(s). Our analysis and report is based on genetic data that you have provided to GeneInformed. The analysis report will be sent to you by the email address that you have provided. The report will be sent within 4 working days of obtaining your raw genetic data file.


Obtaining customers' raw genetic data file

In order to provide the analysis purchased by the customer, raw genetic data should be provided to GeneInformed. The customer will provide GeneInformed with the raw genetic data file that was received from a compatible genetic test provider. Alternatively, GeneInformed can help with obtaining the file from the customer's genetic test provider. For this, the customer is asked to provide the email address and the password used to log-in to the provider's website. GeneInformed will not use these details for any other purpose other than for downloading the customer's raw genetic data file. The file will be used for the genetic analysis service that was purchased from GeneInformed. The customer is encouraged to change the password afterwards.

In case the raw genetic data file was not uploaded to our website in 21 days from day of purchase, or in case the file is corrupted, the customer is eligible for a full refund.


Raw genetic data conditions

By buying a genetic report analysis you agree that you are over 18 years old and that the genetic data that you supply to GeneInformed is yours. You agree that we will analyze your genetic data that you have provided. Sending someone else's genetic data, and receiving his genetic analysis from GeneInformed, requires full consent from the owner of the genetic data, and eligibility to do so, according to the local law where the owner is a citizen.

You agree not to change anything in the raw data file, as GeneInformed is not responsible for mistakes in interpretations and analysis in such cases.

Missing data on your raw genetic data file is quite uncommon, but it may happen. In case GeneInformed can't retrieve the missing data, a category test might be missing from your report. If your report is missing more than two tests per product, ​we will send you your report and return 50% of your payment. If half the tests or more are missing, we will fully refund your purchase.

Third party

In case you have purchased our service through a third party, you allow the parties to exchange information needed to provide you with the product that you have purchased. Third party Terms and Conditions apply and may revoke this document.  




By using GeneInformed website, GeneInformed reports, or any other information provided by GeneInformed in any form of communication, you understand that the information provided is designed for educational purposes only. The information is not for medical, diagnostic or other uses. The information is currently not approved by the FDA or equivalent authorities.

Changes in your habits, lifestyle and medication following the information provided by GeneInformed should be considered with your physician, as additional factors may be involved and should be taken into account. Genetic testing may reveal sensitive information about your own health. You assume full responsibility for the knowledge that GeneInformed  provide you, and implications that might result by it.

Our tests and reports should not be used to discern family ties.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions or Disclaimer, feel free to contact us by email or by the contact form below.

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