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GeneInformed reports

Short texts, crystal clear insights.

Our goal is to boost health and wellness through genetic testing. By unraveling their inborn tendencies and predispositions, individuals can make informed decisions in choosing the right diet, exercise regimes, and other lifestyle habits.


With this goal in mind, we restrict ourselves to offering tests which are both scientifically solid, and useful to know. We avoid reporting on markers that were studied only in a handful of studies, as is common among many weight-loss and sports genetics reports. We will not notify you of "expected low levels of vitamin E" for example, since the associated markers that science has found so far explain only 5-7% of the inter-variability of vitamin E level between different individuals. That's quite an unuseful information, right? 


Our reports provide the evidence-based recommendations, but minimize on more "loose" advice, or  general advice that can be found elsewhere.

Each report opens with essential summary of findings and personalized recommendations. Detailed analysis and the related scientific evidence are presented further on, for a more thorough reading. Complementary genetic and biological background may also be found in our website. 

Each report is prepared manually and reviewed by our population geneticist before release. It is unique for GeneInformed, as other companies use a fully automated report. We claim that fully-automated reports cannot be individual enough to sum in words the unique genetic combination of each and every one. 

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