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Our mission

GeneInformed was established with the goal of improving health and wellness through genetics.

We wish to provide everybody with access to science's most useful genetic knowledge.

Fast advancements in deciphering and understanding the genetic code of life has allowed us to truly evolve from a one-size-fits-all treatment into precision medicine tailored to the individual. Following hard on the heels of precision medicine, genetic research of human well-being is rapidly growing. The number of studies and data associating genetic markers with health issues like diet, athletic performance and anti-aging is exponentially growing, providing solid ground for understanding the interactions between our genetics and the environment. Some of this precious knowledge is ripe for integration in our daily lives, and our goal is to improve health and wellness by providing safe access to this knowledge.

Our team of experienced geneticists and experts in nutrition, sports, bio-statistics and pharmacology has developed the company’s products in the last six years. We integrate some of our original research with an up-to-date scientific literature, and use bioinformatic tools to provide the best scientifically-based recommendations to fit your DNA.

The research

Statistical significance and predictive power comes first.

Based on analyzing multitudes of peer-reviewed, statistically-sound studies, we are now able to associate single base-pair variations (known as SNP) in a gene with a change in a certain enzyme activity. Along with supportive evidence from biochemical research and epidemiological studies, it is possible to anticipate how these variants change a biochemical response or even an organ performance. Such changes are the basis for the differences in how people react to various substances, like food, allergens and pollutants. These SNP are what's behind our differences in metabolism, body build, behavior and in our looks.


As scientists around the world publish multitudes of human genetic studies each year, we follow a rigorous quality assurance process to sift through the large data sets. We make sure that each of our tests and interpretations is always based on statistically-sound studies with a large cohort. Top choice are meta-analysis studies, which pool and compare many studies to reach a significantly strong conclusion. These days it is already possible to find Gene-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and meta-analysis studies that pool as much as half a million individuals. 

Statistical significance is of P-value of 5% or better, with added Bonferroni correction when multiple factors are tested.

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