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A Personalized Weight-Loss Plan 

DNA Diet

Let your DNA guide you

in choosing what's right for YOU.


Get Gene-Informed with Evidence-Based recommendations

 for your optimal wellness.

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Skin moisture, elasticity, pigmentation and skin aging are highly heritable. However, most skin traits respond to changes in lifestyle, nutrition and cosmetics.

Start by diagnosing your inborn tendencies and get your personalized skin care regime right.


Gene in-form

Performance and sport injuries

Genetic factors determine 40-90% of many sport-performance abilities. Your DNA can also predict risk increase or protection from different sports injuries.

Optimize training, maximize your potential and reduce risk of injury with a genetic analysis.

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DNA Diet

Weight management

Small heritable changes in metabolism make people respond differently to similar diets. That’s why one diet is working for one and not  for the other.

Try a diet that suits your genetics.

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Personalized diet

Some coffee drinkers are at greater risk for hypertension and diabetes, carrying a slow version of the enzyme that break-down caffeine. Others may be lactose intolerant or predisposed to vitamin deficiencies.

Understand how your body interacts with your diet and make the right choices that suits YOU.



Pollution, Detox & Anti-Aging

Pollution burdens our body, promoting disease, aging and lowers quality of life.

Genetic analysis can identify how efficient is your body in coping with  hormone-disruptors, carcinogens and immune depressants common in working places, at home and on the street.

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by FamilyTreeDNA

Take the DNA journey and explore the percentage breakdown of your origins, learn your connection with ancient groups, and discover new relatives.

Follow the path of your ancestors and discover your unique DNA story with FamilyTreeDNA's industry-leading tests


Place an order

Order your DNA kit online.



Simply swab the inside of your cheeks. No spit, no blood needed!



Mail your kit back in the prepaid package we provide.

*Orders outside the USA do not include return shipping.


Receive results

Receive your analysis and personalized advice report.

Whether in medicine, health or lifestyle, general advice is replaced by counsel tailored to a person's genetic profile. So...

Welcome to the Age of Genomics. It's as easy as...

Already genetically tested? Get your DNA data file for FREE and send it over for analysis!
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