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Genetic analysis for customers with raw data: Feature
Genetic analysis for 23andme customers

23andme customers

Claim your raw genetic data file

To obtain your raw data file, login to your 23andme account.

  • in header, go to Tools, Browse Raw Data

  • click Download Raw Data

  • file name generated is in this format 'genome_first'​

  • choose the tests that are of interest to you in our shop page

  • upon completion of purchase, you will be asked to upload the raw data file, or email it to us

Additional terms

If you are unable to send the file in 14 days, or in case the file is corrupted, we will contact you and try to solve the matter. You will receive a full refund if all fails.

Both uploading the file or emailing to us is secured. We keep the file locally, and separated from personal identification details. In addition, you choose exactly what we analyze and when we permanently delete your file.

Missing data on your raw file is quite rare, but it may happen. Older versions of 23andme analysis might be missing some genetic markers. All versions might have a rare 'no call' case for a certain genetic marker needed for analysis. In case we can't retrieve the data by bioinformatic tools, a test might be missing from your report.

Important- please make sure not to change anything in the file, as we are not responsible for mistakes in interpretations in such cases.

Make the most out of your 23andme genetic test results 

About genetic analysis of your raw genetic data

Your raw genetic data file contains hundreds of thousands of genetic markers on different genes. Many of the markers have an impact on your metabolism, your predispositions and your responses to various lifestyle choices. Some of the markers were extensively studied, to a point were there is evidence strong enough to inform a person of some of his unique genetic tendencies and their implications. 

GeneInformed specializes in analysis of health and wellness related markers. We provide you with the essence of the knowledge known to science today, including expert advice on how you can optimize your lifestyle choices to improve health, wellness and function.

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